Barcelona & Girona – June 2019

On Wednesday 12/06/2019 I presented and officially handed the Sidur Catalunya to the Jewish Community of Barcelona (CIB). Before the presentation, I was honored to preside the Mincha prayers as Shaliach Tzibur. It was the first time in more than 500 years that the . was in . at a Catalan Synagogue. The conference was a success; I want to thank Rabbi Daniel Ashkenazi, chief rabbi of Barcelona.

On Thursday, 13/06/2019, I talked about the Nusach Catalunya and the publication of the Sidur at the “Jewish Diasporas, European Journeys” conference in the ‘Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies’ of Girona. After the lecture, in a ceremony the Sidur was officially handed to the ‘Nova Escola Catalana’ community. Afterwards, I handed a copy of the Sidur to the Rabbi of Girona, R. Avrohom Yitzchok Rosemberg, at the Synagogue of Girona.

Idan Pérez